Wire Mesh Applications

Wire Mesh is used as a construction material in

  • Reinforced Concrete Floors, Curtains, Retaining Walls, Foundations

  • Site and Road Concretes, Airports, Tunnels and Galleries

  • Swimming Pools, Channels, Prefabricated Structure Elements

  • Specially Prepared Stirrup in Beams and Columns


Major advantages of working with welded Wire Mesh are

  • Accelerate the construction program by reducing the fixing time. This saves valuable working hours as well as money.

  • Improvement in accuracy of work and gives safety and health benefits by reducing on site handling and cutting.

  • Better output can be achieved with exact steel areas; spacing’s and gives better distribution of steel for nominal crack control and shear.

  • Specialist skills are eliminated with perfect accuracy which reduces fixing errors.

  • Easy interpretation for steel fixing drawing with checking and detailing.

Wire Mesh Specifications

Download Wire Mesh Specifications in pdf format.